A dry white wine from the Cretan variety Vidiano. Vidiano, which until a few years ago was nearing extinction, is now considered one of the signature varieties of the Cretan vineyard. It offers us complex aromas of ripe peach, apricot, bergamot, citrus blossoms and a mild sense of minerality, i.e. a slightly salty sensation with hints of astringency.


The name Solidus comes from the gold coin established by the early Byzantine emperors and was a constant reference point for its great and lasting value; Solidus wine represents for us this constant value. 

The Vidiano grape grows in privately owned, semi-mountainous vineyards at 360m altitude in the wider wine area of Pezá, of which many wines bear the PDO indication. This variety is characterised by resistance to drought and peronospora and mostly medium acidity, giving us high quality wines with a distinctive and aromatic character. 

Special thanks to our dear friend Manolis Apostolakis for the curation of the Solidus label.