A golden-hued, varietal white wine that offers a delightfully balanced nose and palate. Alái is made from Malvasia Aromatica grapes, which ally elegance and intensity, lending the wine a fruity character with citrus and white blossom aromas.


The name’s choice isn’t random. Αlái is a word with centuries-long history: originating from Latin, it passed into Byzantine Greek, then to Turkish and eventually to Cretan Greek. It means ‘abundance’, suggesting the multitude of aromas and the bounty of flavours from excellent grapes.



The Malvasia Aromatica grape grows in privately owned, semi-mountainous vineyards at 360m altitude in the wider wine area of Pezá, of which many wines bear the PDO indication. This variety handles the drought and is marked by early budburst, resulting in mid-season ripening. The end wine has a high alcohol content, with an opulent body and subtle aromas.

Special thanks to our dear friend Manolis Apostolakis for the curation of the Alai label.