This Policy supersedes any prior disclosures we may have provided in the past regarding our information practices. This Data Protection Policy is governed by both the relevant provisions of Greek and Community law regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data. Any possible future change of the above regulatory framework will be the subject of this. We therefore reserve the right to change this statement and to implement any change to your data and our practices regarding the collection and processing thereof, in accordance with what is provided by law, and/or to modify or replace the whole and/or part of this Policy at our sole discretion. If there are material changes to this Policy or our practices regarding your data change in the future, we will notify you by posting the changes on our Website. However, in case you want any clarification or information regarding the changes, or you have any disagreement, reservation or question related to them (changes), you can contact us at the details mentioned in the Section below. Please note that any information/clarification provided to you in accordance with the above, regarding possible changes to this Policy, does not constitute a replacement, substitution or any modification of this Policy. While browsing the Zidianakis Wines app we do not collect any personal data about you, either directly from you or from third parties. The use of the device's camera is intended exclusively for the augmented reality purposes.